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7000yen/per person(dinner & breakfast's food included )

4000yen/per person(sleep over)

(dinner only:6500yen ,  breakfast only:5500yen)

※+500yen a heating bill during winter.(Between March from December)

2room reserved

​Private room

30000yen/day(Sleep over )

MAX 10 people can stay

You can use all facility! (Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilet...)

※If you want to book private room, please contact me

※Children below8age price:3000 yen/day (dinner & breakfast's food included)

​※Those who stayed more than two nights consecutive stay discount 5000 yen/day  

※Student price:6000 yen/day (dinner & breakfast's food included)


​Operating only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

Please check availability, and make a reservation to send mail. 
If you don't like to send mail, it is available to use telephone.
(We have another job, so sometimes we can't use telephone.)

(Plese don't call us 9:00 subsequent phone)


Tel:  080-6122-4014(Suminoya Guesthouse Mobilephone number)

Please write in all the items.

① Name
② Mail adress

③ Tel number(If you have mobile phone, let me know your mobilephone number)

​④ Adress

⑤ Occupancy (Man or Woman)

⑥ Check-in date
⑦ Stay days
⑧ Type of room (private room・Girls only domi・Boys only domi)

⑨ The presence or absence of the meal(Only morning・Only dinner・Both)
⑩ Check-in time(16:00~22:00)
⑪ If you have any question, Please feel free to contact us

 (If you have any allergy, Please let me know)

 Cancellation fee from 1 week before arrival will occur.
( ~2days ago:50%、Before the day・The day:100% )

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