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■Access by car

【Keihanshin direction】 About 2hour and 45min

・Maizuru Wakasa motorway kasuga IC

   → KitaKinki Toyooka motorway『Youka・Hyounosen IC』

   About 45 minutes Route 9 to Tottori direction

   →『Ojirouguchi』Turn left at the signal。

Up the Nukidaguchi bus stop on the diagonal,
   Go up the vending machine to the right

   Visible sign of "住乃屋"(Route Search

■Access by Train About 2hour(Osaka to Yoka)

​・JR San-in Main Line "Yoka Station" get of,

   to get on the Zentan bus『Akioka line』(The time required:About 1hour)

​ to get of Nukida bus stop, a 5min walk

※We can pick you up from Yoka station 

■Access by Bus

(Osaka) About 3hour

to take bus 『Hamasaka•Yumura line』from Hankyu bus station

to get on the 『Tougeguchi』bus station

(Hyogo) About 3hour

to take bus 『Hamasaka•Yumura line』from Shinki bus station

to get on the『Tougeguchi』bus station​

 Zentan bus HP(


※We can pick you up from Tougeguchi bus station(Free)

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