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About 20 years ago Suminoya guest house started as an inn. We have renovated it with our friends and now it’s a small cozy guest house where you’ll feel right at home. Suminoya guest house is located in Nukita area in Ojiro. Ojiro is small village in Hyogo prefecture, about 2 hours by car from Osaka. We live a simple, relaxed, happy life here and we invite you to spend time here, eat wonderful delicious vegetables and fruit, local rice, see some wild animals and experience life in the Japanese countryside. Have a wonderful weekend (or week!) in Ojiro!

  7000yen/per person

 (food included )

We have 2 rooms (8 tatami each) available. 8 tatami = 13m2.

One room allows 5 guests maximum. Since there is a partitioning,

it's not really a private room. If you have a small baby or like more privacy, we recommend booking a private room.


Each room has 5 futon mattresses, pillows, blankets, hot water bottles.




Move to local area experience tour

For those who are considering moving to the Japanese countryside. We have a country tip tour. If you are interested in moving to the countryside, please join us!



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