We have 2 rooms (8 tatami each) available. 8 tatami = 13m2.

One room allows 5 guests maximum. Since there is a partitioning,

it's not really a private room. If you have a small baby or like more privacy, we recommend booking a private room. Each room has 5 futon mattresses, pillows, blankets, hot water bottles.


〇About Food


Meals We use co-cooking. It means that we all cook and eat together, and sometimes our neighbors from a nearby farm come to eat with us, too. If you don't like cooking, don't worry, we will offer some simple help. Let's eat together!

We use seasonal ingredients just right for that season. 



You can use WIFI here. (Please ask owner!)


BAR Lounge

It made the table and re-use of the chest of drawers



Share kitchen


Bath room

Bathroom We offer shampoo,air conditioner,body soap Also, there is an onsen (public hot spring) nearby. You would need to pay an onsen fee (¥500), but it’s a great experience and you’ll be able to relax.



We have hairdryer, skin lotion, latex, 


□Check in:4:00PM - 9:00PM(If you can't arrive by this time, please notify us in advance)

□Check out:10:00AM


□Curfew:10:00PM(Suminoya is located in a quiet residential area, we ask you to be mindful)

●Payments: Cash at the time of check-in(※You can use credit cards)

●Pet allergy: we have a cat in the house. If you have pet allergy, please, reconsider.

●Food allergies: If you have any food allergies, please, notify me by email.

●Noise: Suminoya guest house is an old house, sometimes you can hear footsteps or other sounds. It         might be unusual for you if you are sensitive to noises.

●Privacy: We respect privacy and try to make our house comfortable for everyone. Please, be mindful.

●Meals: We cook and eat together with our guests. Our kitchen is shared by all guests and we enjoy food together.

● Food allergies: If you have any food allergies, please, notify me by email.

those in the inn


Hair dryer, Hair iron, bath towel, Face towel, shampoo, rinse,

Body soap, Face wash, Make up removal, skin lotion, Latex,

Hot water bottle, Kitchen tool set, seasoning, Kitchenware, WIFI

TV, Manga, Books


Tooth brush(100yen), Ski & snowboard wax(1000yen~)、

​Alcohol(200yen~), Lunch(500yen)