Hang out / Spend time

■Enjoy the rural life

How to spend are free in Ojiro.

For example...

Spring: The edible wild plants picking, Rice planting,

Summer: To help with field work, Using the mower,

Autumn: To go to mushroom hunting, Rice reaping, to eat new rice,

Winter: The snow plow, Ski, to eat mikan in Kotatu.

to walk a little up there when I got up in the morning,

drinking coffee from the engawa,

To talk with neighbors of the grandmother

Not decorated with a rustic, please feel the life of the state as it is.

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■It is healed in nature and animals


Lots of beautiful scenery and spot the countryside unique.

Scenery seems like wandered into the world of Studio Ghibli.

Yoshitaki water fall, Tanada,(terrace rice field)

Ojiro shrine, beautiful view spot from Sabou area,

Why do not you look for the only favorite spot yourself?

This area is also known as the "beef hometown".

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■Try to talk to people of the village

For example...​

To talk Nearby grandmother and the world in the middle of the walk

try to participate in district events, karaoke at the snack of drinking and after uncles of rice planting.


The biggest attraction is often the opportunity to become acquainted with local people in suminoya guesthouse.

Usually, you can know the deep Ojiro that can not be known in the tourism and travel.

Go to meet "OJIRO PEOPLE"

It is that such is also the shape of such a journey.

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